Welcome to Propagate Hope Counseling

We believe that hope grows anywhere in your life, anywhere you are located. We currently serve New Jersey and Colorado residents with convenient evening and weekend hours. If you are ready to grow into who you want to be, then go ahead and schedule an introductory session now.

You're in the right place if find yourself below.

ADHD Adults

ADHD adults are bright and bold. They are creative, inquisitive, and bold. There are of course difficulties with this. It’s difficult to get to the life you want to live This is only further strained by concentration issues and mental health problems. Depression and anxiety hang around, and past hurts and pains prevent you from moving forward. You can find a clear and intentional path forward. We can work to find this again and grow the courage to achieve it. 

Depressed or Anxious Creatives

You are insightful and creative. Metaphors and images sound easier than just saying things. Maybe you are neurodivergent and have difficulty with the ‘norm’. Regardless you find yourself with feelings of depression and anxiety and have difficulty creating the story you dreamed of. Together we can work together to find the blocks to your success, and move forward to the happy ending you are hoping for. 

Interested In IFS Work

IFS Therapy is rewarding. There’s a part of you that has been searching for a therapy that is more than just talking. It’s about recognizing the different aspects of you and creating a space to understand them and explore them better. Parts Work is what you have been waiting for. Now is the time to claim your space with me and explore your inner system. 

But Am I The Right Fit for You?

The fact that you’re still reading this does say something about the way we’re vibing together. I’ve always been a helper and want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to help those I come across to find what they need. Even if it’s not me. I’ve made a page that talks a little about who I am and why I would love to work with you. You can learn more about me and learn more about the services you will invest in to grow hope and healing in your life.